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MCI Number Trucking: What it is and How it Works

When it comes to the transportation of goods, trucking remains one of the most popular and effective methods. With the rise of e-commerce and the need for faster delivery times, trucking has become an essential part of the supply chain. But how can you be sure that the trucking company you’re working with is legitimate? That’s where the MCI number comes in.

MCI stands for Motor Carrier Identification, and it is a unique number assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to each registered commercial motor carrier. This number serves as an identifier for the carrier and can be used to track its safety performance and compliance with federal regulations.

MCI numbers are required for all commercial motor carriers that transport goods across state lines. The number is also used to identify carriers that operate within a single state, but are still subject to federal safety regulations. Carriers that do not have an MCI number are not authorized to transport goods and can face penalties and fines.

Why is the MCI Number Important in Trucking?

The MCI number is essential for both shippers and carriers. For shippers, it provides a way to verify that the carrier they are working with is registered and compliant with federal safety regulations. Shippers can also use the number to track the safety performance of the carrier, including its safety rating and any safety violations.

For carriers, the MCI number is necessary to operate legally and avoid fines and penalties. It also allows carriers to participate in the FMCSA’s safety monitoring programs, which can help improve safety performance and reduce the risk of accidents.

How to Check a Carrier’s MCI Number?

It’s easy to check if a carrier has an MCI number. The FMCSA maintains a public database called the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System, which allows anyone to search for information on registered motor carriers. You can access the SAFER System on the FMCSA’s website.

To check a carrier’s MCI number, simply enter the company name, USDOT number, or MC number into the search bar. The system will return a list of carriers that match your search criteria. You can then click on the carrier’s name to view its safety record, including its MCI number, safety rating, and any safety violations.

What is the Process of Getting an MCI Number?

To obtain an MCI number, carriers must register with the FMCSA and provide information on their business, including their name, address, and type of operation. Carriers must also provide proof of insurance and undergo a safety audit to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

Once the FMCSA approves the carrier’s registration, it will assign an MCI number. Carriers are required to display their MCI number on all of their vehicles and in all of their business transactions.


In summary, the MCI number is a critical component of the trucking industry. It provides a way to track the safety performance of carriers and ensures that carriers are registered and compliant with federal safety regulations. Shippers can use the number to verify the legitimacy of carriers, while carriers can use it to participate in safety monitoring programs and avoid fines and penalties. By understanding the importance of the MCI number, shippers and carriers can work together to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods.

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