Uber Eats Order Tracking 2023

Uber Eats Track My Order

Uber eats is an online food ordering app where users can order food by using the menu available on the app. It is a convenient app as the users can effortlessly order food using the menu lists and these lists have also price of each item of the menu lists. It was established in August 2014 by uber.

It has been 7 years since it is providing services and have flourished in almost 6000 cities in 45 countries. The headquarters of uber eats are in San Francisco, California USA. Over the years, Uber eats is evolving as its parent company was established in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

With the launch of Uberfresh service, the company commenced food delivery in August, 2014. In 2015, the name of the service was renamed as Ubereats and an application was created to order food. The CEO of ubereats is Dara khosrowshahi.

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Uber Eats Order Lookup

The mission of this platform is to provide food to people at their home where they can order food and pay for the order by sitting at home. In short, it has made easy access to food. The order are delivered by means of cars, scooters and bikes etc and even on foot.

The users can even give tip to Uber drivers for delivering food. Even in 2019, Uber decided to deliver orders through drones to its users. The fascinating fact is that the users can order food and then can have it at restaurants. The employees of Ubereats is almost 10,000. The revenue of Ubereats is almost $4.80 billion and gross booking of Ubereats is estimated to be $51.6 billion in 2021.

Uber eats has not only created apps for ordering food but users can also track their orders using uber eats order tracker. A user can use the uber eats tracking number to track his order. Users can open the app and select the track to see the status of the order.

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Uber Order Tracking

Once he tap on icon track, a map is appeared on the app which shows where the order has reached. It simply shows the location of the order. The delivery charges of Uber eats is $3.99. Uber eats allow users to choose the day on which the order should be delivered.

To login uber eats app, users can visit the app and make account to order food. In case of any inconvenience, the users can get help from Uber help. There is excellent service that is provided to the users. This service is available 24/7 which not only take orders but also responds to users inquiries. The users can either visit Uber customer service on the app or they can call at uber customer service. 

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Uber Eats Tracking Customer Care Service Contact

contact Support at 833-275-3287 (833-ASK-EATS)

Customer Service:

+8 223 404 0003

email [email protected].


How many orders does uber eats get a day?

Uber eats get multiple orders per hour. The amount of orders usually depends on the city.

How can you check that Uber eats is available in your city?

You can visit couriertrackingfinder or check the Uber eats apps to check the availability of uber eats in your city.

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