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Transconnect logistic tracking was made in 2008 and the headquarter of this company is located in Vineyard, NSW. It has small warehouses. It delivers in different countries such as Sydney, USA, UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc. It has 100 vehicles that is of the range from 4 tonne trucks and almost 98% deliveries are delivered by our own company fleet.

Moreover, it gives to different services such as Interstate pallet freight, local taxi truck services, warehousing, exclusive hire/fleet management and the last one is special project. Firstly, in Interstate pallet freight, there are further two services which is express service and the general service these two are the modes which are available under Interstate pallet freight it delivers in only specialized location but it is limited to soles, Bidfoor, Target, Shop etc.

Secondly, we have local taxi truck services under this service the booking of the parcel takes only half hour whereas the delivering of the person takes only four hours it is quite fast delivery and it is the most common service of trans connect logistics.

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Basically, local taxi truck services, served the parcel through vehicles and almost 1 ton to 22 tones will be delivered under taxi truck service. Apart from this if we talk about the rates of the parcel as and or of the parcel then it is also based upon the distance.

Thirdly we have a warehousing service here the parcels are packed according to the demand of the customer like if a customer wants to deliver the parcel as a gift, then we pack the parcel in a very attractive way rather than packing it roughly.

The fourth service of trans connect logistic tracking is exclusive hiring and fleet management and here the partners focus on the goods if the product will be glass protector, mirror etc. then the packing of the parcel would be different then delivering the wood material are plastic material etc.

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Lastly in special project we only focus is on the need demand one of our customers. Customer can deliver the parcel according to their own choice such as small package, large package and medium package it’s up to the customer need or customers choice. Customer can also find out the best transportation tracking number as it is given in the receipt of the customers.

We also give flexibility to our customers whatever their needs they will be fulfilled under our company as well as delivering the shipment are beneficial for both customers and company. Our company also gives up to data information about anything.

Moreover, clients have direct contact and interaction with employees of our company. Furthermore, weekly invoices will be cleared among all the customers and in last our company gave online booking and online tracking to our clients.

Transconnect Logistic Customer Care Service Contact Number

Phone: 1300 797 011
Fax: 02 9756 0115
Email: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]

Mailing Address

PO Box 2149
Smithfield NSW. 2164

Sydney Depot

W2(Dock 4), 2 Percival Rd
Smithfield NSW. 2164

Melbourne Depot

19-21 Vella Drive
Sunshine West VIC 3020

Brisbane Depot

69-71 Magnesium Drive
Crestmead QLD 4132

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How can I contact transconnect logistic tracking?

It’s quite easy to contact our courier company. We just had to open the website and scroll down then in the last e-mail ID and contact number of our company is given and then you are able to contact our company from those emails and this contact number and visit over office also.

Do I get job in transconnect tracking company?

Yes, you can find out the jobs on couriertrackingfinder website online. Different jobs are available for different people.

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