Tennessee Trucking Association

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The Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of the trucking industry in Tennessee. Founded in 1930, the TTA has been advocating for the trucking industry for over 90 years. The association provides a range of services and resources to its members, including advocacy, education, and networking opportunities.

One of the primary goals of the TTA is to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry in Tennessee. The association works closely with state and federal lawmakers to ensure that regulations and laws affecting the trucking industry are fair and reasonable. The TTA also provides its members with regular updates on legislative and regulatory developments that may impact their businesses.

In addition to advocacy, the TTA offers a range of educational programs and resources to its members. The association hosts regular training sessions on topics such as safety, compliance, and industry best practices. Members can also access a range of online resources, including webinars, white papers, and industry reports.

Networking is another important aspect of the TTA. The association provides opportunities for its members to connect with other professionals in the trucking industry. Members can attend industry events, participate in committees, and connect with other members through the TTA’s online community.

The TTA also provides its members with a range of other benefits, including access to discounted insurance, fuel discounts, and other services. The association works with a range of partners to provide its members with exclusive discounts and offers.

One of the key challenges facing the trucking industry in Tennessee is the shortage of qualified drivers. The TTA is working to address this issue by promoting careers in the trucking industry and offering training and education programs for new and existing drivers. The association is also working to improve the image of the trucking industry and promote the many benefits of a career in trucking.

Another important issue facing the trucking industry is safety. The TTA is committed to promoting safe practices and improving safety outcomes in the industry. The association provides its members with a range of resources and training programs focused on safety, including driver training, safety audits, and compliance reviews.

The TTA is also actively involved in efforts to improve infrastructure in Tennessee. The association supports investments in roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure that support the trucking industry. The TTA also advocates for policies that promote the use of new technologies and innovations that can help improve the efficiency and safety of the industry.

Overall, the Tennessee Trucking Association plays a critical role in promoting and protecting the interests of the trucking industry in Tennessee. Through its advocacy, education, and networking efforts, the TTA helps its members succeed in a rapidly evolving industry. As the challenges facing the trucking industry continue to evolve, the TTA will continue to play an important role in ensuring that the industry remains strong and vibrant in Tennessee.

Tennessee Trucking Association Customer Care Service Contact Number

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4531 Trousdale Drive Nashville, TN 37204

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