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Posta Moldovei is a courier service based in the Republic of Moldova. It started operating in April 1993, Posta Moldovei has almost 37 branches there. It has a wide range of postal and financial services throughout the country. The territorial network of Posta Moldovei consists of 1146 offices providing postal services to almost 1500 localities around the country.

Services of Posta Moldovei
The company provides a wide range of services to the Moldovans, including:
Postal services
EMS referrals

This service is for mail or shipment delivery that needs to be faster delivered to a receiver that can be either an individual or a company. It is faster and costs a little higher than the standard shipping due to its door-to-door service. EMS can be ordered through a unique number linking to Posta Moldovei.

The users/customers can subscribe to receive their choice’s magazines, catalogues, books or newspapers across Romania or Russia. They can either subscribe to it for themselves or their parents, grandparents or kids. Furthermore, they can use these services to be physical or online and subscribe to them online, which is a few steps away.

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Standard consignment delivery
Rapier Courier, a subsidiary of Posta Moldovei, delivers posts, letters, and small and big consignments with justified price, time, and total responsibility. The minimum item that can be delivered is one, and the maximum is unlimited. Following the Postal Normative Acts of Moldova, the items’ dimensions are clarified and then sent for further domestic and international delivery procedures.

Financial services
Money transfer
The customers can send money both across Moldova and internationally. Furthermore, money can be sent through standard means or urgent mandates.

For local customers, the money can be paid in

1. cash

2. through bank cards, but it also provides the service of

3. Cash on delivery.

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For international money transfer, agreeing to the Universal postal union agreement, funds can be transferred under certain conditions like 1. Law of foreign exchange, remittance services laws and execution of remittance etc. It can, further, be sent for various reasons like family support, donation, non-commercial support etc. You will have to address all these in your paperwork at the Posta Moldovei office.

Receipt payment
All the services that the companies provide to you cost fees and reach you in the form of receipts, for example, your bills, debts, penalties and charges etc. The Posta Moldovei customers have the convenience to either pay these receipts through visiting a Posta Moldovei office or pay through the bank card provided to them by the company online. Commission charges at the end of the service provided will be charged from the customers.

Fund releasing
The customers of Posta Moldovei are provided with the convenience of receiving their funds, I.e., salaries, by partnering with the company they work with.

Social payments
Pensions, social allowance and other social payments are released monthly with the collaboration of the Ministry of Finance and Electronic government agency to the relevant, targeted people through their identity card provisional card or any permit that is required to receive the money in cash or bank card.

Index funds payment
The payments for index funds, I.e., mutual funds, exchange-traded funds of the index market, can be made through Posta Moldovei through the initiation of the Ministry of Finance to be paid to “Banca de Economii” for the amounts related to the first and second stage of age categories.

Business solutions
Direct mail marketing
Leaflets, booklets and flyers related to marketing a company related to their goods and services are included in the services of Posta Moldovei.

Discounts distribution
Customers who frequently use Posta Moldovei are subject to receiving discounts starting from 5%, 8% and onwards depending on the number of mails or shipments sent. The company then is responsible for reducing tariffs on the parcels within the Republic of Moldova.

Other services
Customs trademarks
The customers sending shipments can customize their postcards by putting their photographs or chosen photos on the souvenirs or gift cards etc., in the form of personalized postal stamps.

Auxiliary services etc.
These services include filtering the letters and shipping goods that stayed in the office for more than two months, the perceived price of packages used to ship the items (that is only used for the domestic parcels), providing services at home and custom authorities submission of parcels etc.

For your parcels delivered through Post Moldova, in order to track your package, you have the option to track your parcel through a tracking number given to you by the company in the form of SMS, Email or physical receipt.

Posta Moldovei tracking numbers for domestic parcels and shipments have 14-alphanumeric format starting with “D” having numbers afterwards and ending with AS, RR, CC etc.
However, if you wish to track your shipment sent or to receive international consignments, make sure you enter the 13-alphanumeric characters in the trace and track option of Posta Moldovei.

The format can be, for example:
Domestic shipment: DS0987654321RR
International shipment: DP123498765AS respectively.
Now, moving forward to tracking your consignment.

You can track your parcel sent or be received by Posta Moldovei using your consignment number through two options:

Posta Moldovei Track and Trace

Through the track and trace option provided by Posta Moldovei, you will have to enter your 14 or 13-character number in the tracking ID box and verify your identity by entering the image number in the below box and hit enter.

Normal tracking method
You can also use another method to trace the parcel by entering your original tracking number in any other third-party tracking website that works for both Moldova and international postal services.

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Through either of the methods, you can have all the details of your parcel or consignment that you can receive or send to the recipient. These details include your details, receivers/senders’ details, information regarding the package, I.e., its weight, size, time that it was dispatched and the time that it will be delivered most probably. You can conveniently get all the information that you intend.

Posta Moldovei Customer Care Service Contact

Adress:Î.S. “Poșta Moldovei”

134, Stefan cel Mare si Sfânt av.

MD-2012 Chisinau

Republic of Moldova 

Working hours:monday-friday: 08:00-17:00

lunch break: 12:00-13:00 

+373 22 270-044
[email protected]

+373 22 251-149
[email protected]

+373 22 251-283; +373 22 251-230
+373 22 271-515; +373 22 271-516
+373 22 278-233; +373 22 273-141
[email protected]

+373 22 251-277
[email protected]


How do you track international letters? 

You can track your international letters using the tracking number provided to you by the company you sent you letters through. You can then enter the tracking number on any authentic tracking website and get your intended information regarding your international mails and letters.   

What is the difference between registered mail and certified mail? 

A certified mail provides the sender with a receipt when the mail has been sent. They are also provided with the service of receiving the recipients’ signature receipt with an additional fee. While a registered mail is when the sender receives a receipt for sending the mail and it has all the details regarding the mail.  

Can registered posts be tracked? 

While other mailing options require you to pay additional fees to track your mail, for registered mail, you can track your mail free of charge knowing all the details regarding your shipment. 

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