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Poland Post Tracking Number

Poczta Polska Tracking

Poczta Polska is the largest company of Poland that provides mail services. It was founded in 1558 as the state postal administration of Poland. The need to communicate on commercial matters gave way to the establishment of this company.

The merchants of trading postal services were from Germany and Italy. The history of the establishment of Poczta Polska goes back to the establishment of Royal Post as formal public institution by King Sigismund Augustus on 18 October, 1558.

Poland Post Office Tracking

Then in 1944, Lublin postal district was established which paved way for the establishment of Polish Post. Later on, in September 2009, result of commercialisation, Polish Post was transformed into a joint stock company and after years of revolution finally it launched ecommerce.poczta-polska in June 2014 to support customers.

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Poland Package Tracking

The founder of Poczta Polska is Sigismund II Augustus and it is owned by Government of Poland. The headquarters of Poczta Polska are located in Warsaw, Poland. Poczta Polska provides a number of services such as letter post, parcel service, delivery, deposit account and third-party logistics.

The revenue of Poczta Polska is estimated to be 1,573,000,000 euro and its net worth is 15,700,000 euro (2018). The number of employees at Poczta Polska is almost 86,000.

Poland Post Tracking International

The sole responsibility of Poczta Polska is to provide public postal services to general public at affordable prices. It is supposed to ensure the provision of five days services which include the clearance, sorting, transport and delivery of letters.

The parcels that are supposed to be sent to foreign countries may weigh up to 44 Ib. Poczta Polska provides services not only in Poland but also in countries like America and and those who are part of European Union. People of Poland can get their packages through Poczta Polska but it also ensures the provision of services to those who are from other countries. Hence it ships internationally. The recently designed digital services area has made it easy for the people to know about their packages.

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Poland Post Tracking Parcel

The regular customers of Poczta Polska use Poczta Polska tracking to track their packages. They can easily track their parcel by using the track number. The tracking number of Poczta Polska may consists of only numbers. The customers can go to the official website of Poczta Polska to track their parcel.

Poland Post Tracking English

They can use the tracking id to track the order. These services include Poczta Polska tracking USA service where customers from America can track their parcels. Poland post tracking English service is for the customers of other countries where it is made easy for them to use the services and track their parcels written in English.

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Poland Post Customer Care Service Contact

Head Office
Rodziny Hiszpanskich,
Warszawa 802-685, Poland

Phone: 801 333 444
Phone: +48 438 420 600
Email: [email protected]


Is Poczta Polska fast?

The shipment of Poczta Polska depends on the destination of the parcels. In case of Poland, it doesn’t take time but if they are to be sent to foreign countries then they take time.

Are the Poland Post shipping fees expensive?

The cost of shipment depends on the parcels. If the size of parcel is less than 5 kg then it has low price but if it has weight above 5 kg then it has high price.

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