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New Zealand Post Courier Tracking

New Zealand post tracking is one of the postal service company which was established in 1988 and approximately it had 32 years experienced in the field of postal service. Headquarter of New Zeeland post tracking is located in Wellington.

Moreover the name of the CEO of New Zealand post tracking is David Walsh. New Zeeland post tracking provides different sort of services such as banking, mail service, retailer, air fright etc. The revenue generated in 2019 was NZ$950 million whereas the total assets were NZ$1600 million in 2019. The total number of employs were 5000 which are working under New Zeeland post tracking.

New Zealand Post Office Tracking

Apart from this, New Zealand post tracking also have monopoly on the mail which is up to 500 grams and the value of that 500 grams will be only NZ$2.00 whereas firstly it was reduced to $1.50 and before this it was only $1 and finally it was of 70 cents.

In the starts, New Zealand post tracking total postal offices were 1250 whereas from the total only 900 were the total post office which post the parcel from one place to another or from one location to another location and the remaining 350 are the postal agencies of the company.

New Zealand Post Parcel Tracking

Apart from this, if we talk about the rate or price then the real or the original prove of the postage is almost 45-50 cents in 1997 whereas the rates goes high and high such 60 cents then it goes to 70 cents and in last it comes on NZ$2.00.

Furthermore, you can also track out your parcel by entering your tracking number on our website am also focus on each line when you are entering multiple tracking number add comes between the tracking number. And you can also save the data for two weeks because maximum the order needs two weeks to deliver the parcel whereas mostly parcels are delivered in 2 to 3 working days.

New Zealand Post International Tracking

Moreover there are also some prohibited items are restricted to deliver such as films, knives, gun, videotapes etc. Basically, an instrument which is used for crime are not allow to deliver through parcel.

Apart from this, jewelry and heavy stone are also known as prohibited items. Moreover you can send a letter through New Zealand post tracking. Moreover if we talk about the economy package of the service then it will take 3 working days for delivery as well as it costs $4.50 TO $11.

New Zealand Local Post Tracking

But in economy package you can deliver the parcel up to $270kg. More than $270 will not be able to deliver through our company and in urgent basis working day or you may say next working days we deliver the parcel up to 5kg and maximum parcel can be send total $2000.

New Zealand Post Customer Care Service Contact Number

Postal address

NZ Post
National Contact Centre
Private Bag 208038
Auckland 2161


In NZ: 0800 501 501
Overseas: +64 9 977 0102

Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm, excluding public holidays.


Why is my parcel tracking not updating?

Sometimes the website gets down or the employs were quite busy that’s why they didn’t upload the shipment status.

Why is NZ Post taking so long?

New Zealand post have too much order in a single day. We try our best to deliver the parcel but sometimes it takes too much time.

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