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J & T was founded in 2016 and the founder name is Lee and Chen whereas the name of the CEO is Jana Wang. J & T is an Indonesian company. Basically it is a courier company through which people can deliver their parcel from one place another place.

Moreover, J & T also had been awarded as the best brand award in 2019. It also invested $10 billion in their company on 2020. In the start J & T express tracking was located only in Indonesian but later on their offices were expanded and now it is located in different countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore etc. J & T tracking has almost 15 centers whereas in only Mexico it is located in 30 places.

JT Express Tracking Malaysia

J & T express tracking have different types of courier point the first one is premium and the second one is exclusive courier point. In premium, there are four step firstly you have to walk to PCP after that the admin or the worker of PCP will pack the package or parcel or shipment after that thirdly you have to fill the EWB and at last we have to be ready for delivering the parcel.

Moreover it will be started in low cost and we get extra income and  it also makes the sales traffic more and more moreover the exclusive is quite costly and takes much more time in delivering the parcel.

JT Express Singapore Tracking

We also make easy for our customer if he/she dislike the package they can return the parcel to us. And after returning it you can refund your money through our company. Another other company didn’t offer this sort of option to customer but we do.

Moreover if you want to become our partner you have to deposit RM2, 0000 and we will provide you electronic machine in which you can check the and also give the internet service. J & T deliver the parcel within ¾ working days but rarely we take 7/8 working days also.

JT Express Trucking

We also deliver the parcels in weekend such as in Saturday and Sunday. We are available for our customer 24/7. Apart from this if we talk about the volumetric weight then you can check it by yourself length x Width x Height/60000 domestically this is used whereas internationally we see (Lcm x W cm x H cm)/5000 whereas the dimension for international packages will be within 150cm.

JT Express Thailand Tracking

Apart from this, he format pf the tracking number is 700000000002 etc. You can enter these sort of tracking number in couriertrackingfinder website and after that you are able to see the online status of your shipment. You can also contact our customer care center for any query or problem they will guide you about that.  J & T also give the option to their customer to give the payment on delivery which will be quite helpful for our customer.

JT Express Customer Care Service Contact Number

19th Floor, Mercu 3, Jalan Bangsar, KL Eco City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur




Who owns J&T?

J & T express tracking is owned by Jana Wang.

Which country is J&T from?

J & T is an Indonesian courier company.

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