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Essential courier tracking has the experience of 20 years and it’s the only tracking company whom you can trust. Moreover, it gives different sort of services such as an economy services (delivered parcel within six hours or even less than six hours).

Secondly, regular service in which the parcel will be delivered less than four hours or even less than four hours and the next one is the rush delivery and there the parcel will be delivered 2 hours or even less than two hours and lastly as their direct delivery service in which pick the shipment and deliver the shipment as soon as possible.

Apart from this it sent a code also update their customers when they are going to dispatch the Courier or when they are going to deliver the Courier. Moreover, the cell phone numbers of all the drivers are also being given to the customer just for the immediate communication as well as our drivers are fully trained and dedicated because they know everything about the shipment.

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Apart from this but the delivery of a single envelope to large parcels or shipments which are up to 5000 lbs. Moreover, essential couriers also gave delivery from desktop to desktop and from door to door and the invoice of the company is also readable and quite easy for the customer in which all the details of the shipment are being written and it also gives the Internet accessibility to their customer furthermore customers can also track the orders or shipments at any time at any place. There are many positive points has been available of our company.

Our company delivered the parcel in few areas such as the location which are around 250-mile radius within the California and our company also gave a next flight service to the location in US. There is also prescheduled service will be given in which the customer can choose the delivery of their own choice and needs.

Under our company 1200+ clients are serving. And the weekly deliver is almost 3 Lac parcels. You can also turn on the bell notification of your mobile and it will show your order status whether it had been delivered or not.

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Essential Courier Customer Care Service Contact Number


(888) 678-7874


[email protected]


PO Box 90411
City of Industry, CA 91715

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What are the working hours of essential couriers tracking?

Essential courier tracking gives economy service whose working days are Monday to Friday and the timing will be 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM whereas in regular service the working days are from Monday to Friday and timing is 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Thirdly, we have rush service in which the availability of delivery is from Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and lastly we have direct service and indirect service the availability of delivering the parcel is 24/7 and it is the most expensive service of all.

How can I contact essential courier tracking?

You can contact essential Courier tracking easily as different contact number, different office’s location and different mobile numbers are given. So, you can contact to your nearly location.

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