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Courier Center Tracking Number

Origin Center Courier Tracking

Courier Center tracking gives 24-hour services to their customers, and it is a Greece company it satisfies their customer from the core of the heart, and it innovate and make different services just for the needs of the customer.

Different technology and trends in the market have been changed with the passage of time. Our company thinks that the main pillars of our company are our clients and it hire young people or young employees under our company because they have a new ideas and new thoughts according to the latest time.

Apart from this, we also take care of the customers by giving training such as seminars and ask employees to attend conferences of the organization through they make their communication skills strong and engage the customers.

Moreover, Courier center also provide happiness, honesty and encourage just for the people to make more shipments under our company. Our company also gives a different sort of services such as inside the city same day delivery and next day deliveries are being given.

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Same day delivery service is being delivered within one to five hours and the afternoon deliveries are being given or delivered 17:00 and they also lie on Saturday. Secondly, next day deliveries are also available in only inside the cities and the basic hours of next day delivery are 9:00 to 17:00 whereas the morning deliveries are available until 10:00 to 12:00 as well as the afternoon deliveries after 17:00. And next day delivery also based on the appointment and the deliveries are given and Saturday Sunday and awesome holidays. Moreover, you can track the parcel by entering the tracking number.

Furthermore, we delivered within Greece there are also further two services are given such as same day deliveries and next day deliveries. Same day deliveries are only one given on appointment whereas the next day deliveries are given in morning and afternoon as well as there is a difference in weekends.

Next, we delivered in Cyprus in which express deliveries are being given such as the working hour of express delivery is 1 to 3 working days whereas the economy deliveries are being given from 4 to 7 working days. Apart from this if we talk about abroad deliveries then there are also 2 types of delivery service express delivery and economic deliveries in express delivery the shipments are being given in the next working day whereas in economy delivery the shipment is being delivered from 4 to 7 working days.

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Courier Center Customer Care Service Contact Number

Courier Center Kifissou Av., 12241, Egaleo, Greece

Phone Support number : +30 21 0963 2650

+30 210 7512000

Address : Antheon 21, Glifada 166 74, Greece

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What are the additional facilities of courier center tracking number?

It gives a cash on delivery facilities as well as shipping insurance and air transport service.

What are the value-added services of origin courier center courier tracking?

Valuable service we have diplomat service, purchase service, proof of delivery and micro logistics etc. In diplomat service, safe transport will be given to get customers whereas in purchase service the items which the customer chooses to deliver the codes will also be designed with those customers etc.

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