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Click way courier tracking give two sort or two types of shipping such as domestic shipping or international shipping. Basically, it’s a customer choice whether he or she may choose domestic shipping, or he or she wants international shipping.

In a domestic shipping you must choose the superb to collect from like the parcel where you are collecting it and the delivery or the destination after that further you choose to service type such as large parcel or medium parcel or extra-large parcels and further shipping information will be provided to you such as consignment number or shipping number or tracking number etc.

It will be provided to all the customers and finally you can calculate the actual price of the package and then you confirm the order package which you are going to deliver at the destination it is quite safe and authentic. It also able the customer to fulfill their needs or whatever they want to deliver such as a parcel is quite high it will be sent through a truckload if it will be half truckload or full truckload it’s a choice of the company what they are going to deliver.

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Apart from this, once your parcel has been added to cart you can also make the changes by editing them you can change a destination place at up this service type or you can change this shipping information such as pin code, contact number, e-mail ID etc.  

The Courier company gives an easy way like an it’s slogan according to this we come to know that its delivery service is quite fast once the shipment has been added to cart and finalized by clicking to continue shipment and then it will be easy for the customers as well as for the employees and for the company who delivered their parcel, and it gives quite fast service to their customers.

Moreover, you could track out the order by entering the tracking number on our website if you faced any sort of issue like there’s some misprint in tracking number or forget the tracking number then there is another option for our customers to enter the waybill number once you enter the waybill number you are also able to check out the online status of tracking number under our company.

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Clickway Couriers Tracking Customer Care Service Contact Number


[email protected]

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In which countries did clickway delivers international parcels?

Clickway delivers international parcel just for export only in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France and in Africa such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and in other countries such as United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada and India.

What is procedure of international courier service order shipping through clickway couriers?

It’s quite easy such as the now you must choose the location the location where you have taken this shipment and where you are going to deliver then you must choose the delivery type then you have grown commercial invoice as well as partial collection and lastly you have shipping information and then we must confirm the order and the payment procedure will also be shown to you.

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