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Chemcouriers is one of the leading chemical company of New Zealand. Chemcouriers was invented in 1980s. Chemcourier gives their services through road transport, Air freight, ocean freight etc. Moreover, chemcouriers was made up with freight ways group just to complete the need and wants of the customers.

Chemcouriers also makes the wider distribution of the chemicals and it also delivered very safely and securely. Furthermore, after delivering the chemical products later on it becomes expert in transport industry. Chemcouriers tracking also had total supply chain solution. Chemical industries are quite complex in their rules and regulation and follow that strictly.

You can track the chemcouriers tracking nz by entering the reference number in the webiste. Chemcouriers carry and deliver the different dangerous goods in the same vehicle but the liquids products will be delivered through chemcouriers tankers whether the tanks are full or half its the company responsibility to deliver the parcel what will be quantity of the parcels.

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Up to 15,000m of the hazardous goods are present in warehousing. Chemcouriers warehouses are quite safe and efficient. Chemcouriers stored different hazardous goods in only one site. Moreover, our company handles those products very carefully.

Moreover different location of the courier company are given in the website such as America (Canada, Mexico, US-California, US-New Jersey, US-New York etc), Asia (Hong kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Beijing, Singapore etc), Australia (Bunbyry, Brisbane, Albury, Melbourne etc), Europe (Kiev, London, Lyon, Ostend etc), New Zealand (Gore, Kaitaia, Cromwell etc).

Chemcouriers gives enough salary to their customers to minimise the risk as well as communicating with customer in a good way.International freight is also being given by chemcouriers as Trans-Tasman is the one of the biggest trading lanes in New Zealand. Moreover, it also gives door to door service.

If you have any concern or the customer have any doubt in anything such as risk etc you can contact our team members as well as you can talk to our local team. Chemcouriers are available for their customers 24/7. Our company cares a lot about their customers because it’s no doubt quite risky such as entering any wrong letter or facing any clash will cause death. So, we care a lot for our customers.

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Moreover, delivering the parcel through road will also lead to risky way but land transport rule also been read and learnt by our drivers. Individuals, drivers and employs everyone have to do their work with full focus and also follow the rules and regulations strictly. 

In case of any spill chemcouriers had hired  emergent team in their company. Moreover, we had given the safety measures training to our employs such as firstly, employ have to remover their own self from the place where spill had been occurred, secondly, make the emergency alarm on, thirdly, isolate or remove the smoking sources etc, fourthly, call at 111 and in last remove the fire as soon as possible.

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Chem Courier Customer Care Service Contact Number




50 Yarrawa Street, Prestons 2170, NSW, Australia


Business: +61 (2) 8784 2250

Liam Hastings

  • Chemcouriers Branch Manager
  • Work: +61 (2) 8784 2283
  • Mobile: +61 406 384 048
  • [email protected]

Elvis Sehovic

Michelle Purvis

Naman Chand

Saipele Salelesi

Tim Meredith

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Business: +61 (2) 8784 2252
  • Mobile: +61 416 353 248
  • [email protected]
Adelaide Chemcouriers


25 Naweena Road, Regency Park 5010, SA, Australia


Business: +61 (8) 8300 5500

Fax: +61 (8) 8330 5591

[email protected]:

Kendall Anderson

Brisbane Chemcouriers


20 Distribution Street, Larapinta 4108, QLD, Australia


Business: +61 (7) 3444 0173

Fax: +61 (7) 3444 0199

[email protected]:

Steven Blackmoore

Mandi Johnston

  • Business Development Manager
  • Business: +61 (7) 3444 0166
  • Mobile: +61 419 878 817
  • [email protected]
Melbourne Chemcouriers – Clayton


1653-1657 Centre Road, Clayton 3168, VIC, Australia


Business: +61 (3) 9265 5359

Fax: +61 (3) 9265 5399

[email protected]:

Ethan Coates

Vincent Woolfe

Melbourne Chemcouriers – Epping


107 Gateway Blvd , Epping 3076, VIC, Australia


Business: +61 (3) 8432 6480

[email protected]:

Marli Adendorff

Martin Stronge

Perth Chemcouriers


1179 Abernethy Road, Hazelmere 6055, WA, Australia


Business: +61 (8) 9469 7200

[email protected]:

Susie Meechan

New Zealand



107 Ruffell Road, Burbush, Hamilton 3288, New Zealand

PO Box 10 451, Hamilton 3241, New Zealand


Business: +64 (7) 849 7123

Fax: +64 (7) 849 7065

Denis Laws

Tauranga Chemcouriers


Cnr Truman Road & Mangatawa Link Road, Papamoa 3175, New Zealand

PO Box 4507, Mount Maunganui South 3149, New Zealand


Business: +64 (7) 574 0950

Fax: +64 (7) 574 0955

Warren McKee

Tauranga Customer Service Team

Wellington Chemcouriers


81 Aotea Quay , Pipitea, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

PO Box 30609, Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand


Business: +64 (4) 816 5200

Fax: +64 (4) 816 5180

John Graham

Auckland Chemcouriers


42 O’Rorke Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand

PO Box 12 432, Auckland 1642, New Zealand


Business: +64 (9) 525 0040

Fax: +64 (9) 525 0088

[email protected]:

Clinton Smith

Christchurch Chemcouriers


38 McAlpine Street, Wigram, Christchurch 8042, New Zealand

PO Box 2475, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand


Business: +64 (3) 345 5100

Fax: +64 (3) 341 0720

Chris Donaldson


What is the tracking number of chemcouriers?

Chemcouriers contains reference numbers for tracking their shipment such as ACN5461836920z

Chemcourier is located in which country?

Chemcourier is located in New Zealand.

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