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Academia Trucking Customer Care Service Contact Number

Address: Academia Trucking Corp 
2900 Nw 36th St
Miami, FL 33142

Phone:  954-505-6063

Email: N/A

In recent years, the trucking industry has seen tremendous growth and is considered one of the most important industries in the world. The demand for truck drivers is high, and with the rise of e-commerce, it is expected to increase even more in the coming years. However, the trucking industry has also been facing challenges such as the shortage of drivers and the need for advanced technology to improve safety and efficiency. This is where Academia Trucking comes in – a company that combines technology and education to revolutionize the trucking industry.

What is Academia Trucking?

Academia Trucking is a technology-driven trucking company that offers a unique solution to the challenges facing the industry. The company provides training and education to aspiring truck drivers, as well as advanced technology to its drivers to improve safety and efficiency. Academia Trucking also operates a fleet of trucks, which are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Academia Trucking’s Approach to Education

Academia Trucking’s education program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful truck drivers. The program includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training, which is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology. The program covers everything from the basics of truck driving to advanced skills such as navigating through different terrains, handling hazardous materials, and operating various types of trucks.

Academia Trucking also offers job placement services to its graduates, ensuring that they have the opportunity to start their careers in the industry immediately after completing the program. The company works with a network of trucking companies across the country, which provides students with access to a wide range of job opportunities.

Academia Trucking’s Use of Technology

Academia Trucking believes that technology is the key to improving safety and efficiency in the trucking industry. The company has invested heavily in technology, which is integrated into its trucks and used to monitor and improve driver performance. The trucks are equipped with advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. The technology also helps drivers to optimize their routes, reducing fuel consumption and improving delivery times.

Academia Trucking’s use of technology is not limited to its trucks. The company has also developed a proprietary software platform that helps to manage its operations, including scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring driver performance. The platform is designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs, ultimately benefiting both the company and its customers.


Academia Trucking is a company that is changing the trucking industry by combining education and technology. Its education program provides aspiring truck drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to start their careers, while its use of technology helps to improve safety and efficiency. As the demand for truck drivers continues to grow, Academia Trucking is well-positioned to meet the needs of the industry and help shape its future.

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