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ABX is account-based experience tracking. It is a courier service company that can deliver documents from door to door. It is a Bumiputra-owned company. Thirty years ago, ABX started its Malaysia and Brunei operations in Labuan. Since then, it has been giving its outstanding services to its nation and the whole of humankind through its network of 76 offices, or you can say service centers.

The first-born organization in the industry and the team of more than 850 trained staff throughout the world have empowered us to distribute value services that even other opponents talk about. The infrastructure of ABX tracking boosts the collaboration with the clients through unlimited proficiency and output, guaranteeing cost-effective worth solutions.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

ABX tacking express is not only linked with some particular industries. It works for the local and with higher companies as well. It caters to its delivery operations from general offices to the economic foundations.
ABX is a system that always uses records and identifications to mark substantial trustworthy promotions and sales actions during customer dealings.

ABX tracking express delivers booklets and parcels to facilitate their customers from one door to another. A person can check by himself the exact status of his property or package, whether it is in the form of a booklet or parcel, by using the art of a computer tracking system. ABX’s express service is the most budget suitable operational way to quickly and carefully report your essential business letters and bundle within the country and internationally entirely in the world.

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ABX Malaysia Tracking

It is straightforward to track your courier throughout the world in all countries by simply entering the tracking number to track ABX express courier tracking, packet, cargo, and parcel. You can even check the delivery status online by using your smartphone. Clients and SMEs from various countries use ABX express.

From banks financial institutes to general offices and trading firms, our goal is to cater to their delivery operations and customer experience. If you are finding any difficulty tracking your parcel, track your latest status by entering your ABX express tracking number.

Moreover, if they still find any problem, they may contact the customer service center for further inquiry. ABX tracking express also provides domestic services to its customers and delivers the parcel or package in less time.

Everyone enjoys online shopping but hates it when they find a sorry we missed you card from the letterbox. I-parcel box solves the problem of deliveries that are missed sometimes. I-parcel box’s original technology allows you to receive multiple deliveries in secured form when unavailable at your home.

ABX China Tracking

Moreover, it will protect your packages against damage, loss, or theft across all carriers, service levels, and countries. The main aim of an ABX tracking system is to facilitate its customers with its fast and secure services.

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Customer relationship management, also termed CRM team, is used for business in the business sector. Customer relationship management works with every customer to strive to achieve the highest level of service. Various renowned e-commerce platforms and big brands are served by ABX express service.

In 2021 the e-commerce industry was experiencing tremendous growth throughout the world. ABX express has taken a step forward to become a strong partner delivery, especially in API integrations with 3PV platforms that cater to business owners and online sellers.

ABX Courier Tracking

ABX express is steadfast in serving people all over the world. They belong from origin consignment management, papers preparation, air shipping, customs authorization, and last-mile delivery. For this purpose, we provide fast and accurate customs clearance services at various airports in Malaysia. The maximum weight of your parcel or package is 30kg.

The leading dimension of your box or package is 55cm×55cm×55cm. Always charges are marked according to the importance of the given parcel. The thing to understand is that weight is of two types. One is gross weight, and the other is the dimensional weight. The gross weight is measured in kilograms.

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Shopee ABX Tracking

On the other hand, volumetric or dimensional weight is charged according to the mode of transport selected for the given parcel. Courier brands use waybill numbers, consignment no, reference numbers, or tracking numbers. The tracking number format used in ABX tracking express is the combination of 13 sequential and mathematical letters that usually start with two alphabetic letters followed by nine numerals and end with two alphabets again.

A tracking number or I’d is always a combination of letters and alphabets. Therefore, it is straightforward to type them on the tracking bar on the official website of the corresponding country.
The tracking number or I’d of I-tracking comprises:
Nine numerical digits
It comprises 4 English alphabets, two at the start and two letters at the end of tracking numbers like CL, GY, NX, etc.

Head Office
ABX Express
Lot 8, Batu 10
Federal Highway, Sg Way
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Customer Service
Phone: 03-7711 6688 (main office)
Phone: 03-4041 4050 (Kuala Lumpur)
Phone: 088-436 222 (Sabah)
Email: [email protected]


How long does it take for ABX to deliver?
ABX tracking express service is speedy and tries to deliver its parcel and packages within the next working day if the property is from ABX express coverage areas.

What is the meaning of ABX subprime? Is it related to the trade system?
Yes, The ABX index is an artificial tradable catalog referencing a basket of 20 subprime mortgage-backed refuges. ABX helps the market participants to consider the performance of subprime inhabited advance financed securities.

What is tracking I’d number?
It is a unique Id number or code assigned to every parcel or package. In addition, a bar code is in print form present on the freight sticker. This bar code can be scanned by anyone anywhere in the world with the help of any smartphone or barcode reader.

How ABX track help its users?
ABX index track is a basket of 20 inhabited MBS. It works as a barometer for market health. The ABX index is frequently updated twice a year.

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