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Ghana post tracking was being transferred to a limited liability business enterprise in July 1999. UPU is rating ghana post tracking as the 58th world’s fantastic postal company. And Ghana post tracking is the 1st in the ranking of Africa. But on the other hand, it was ranked as the 37th most fantastic, fast, and best postal service in EMS globally by 193 customers.

Ghana post tracking gives new innovative things from the last few years. They play a very significant role in delivering the parcels. Ghana’s online “Ghpostpay” came into or launched in 2019. In this online platform, they allow their customer to take access remotely. They have delivered nationally and internationally for the last 3 to 4 years. Ghana postal services have been awarded many times.

This courier company won the best Call Centre award in the year 2017. They won this award even won the best customer care award in 2018. It was awarded by the universal postal service, which is located in Switzerland. This courier company won the best Call Centre award in the year 2017.

They won this award even won the best customer care award in 2018. It was awarded by the universal postal service, which is located in Switzerland. They also won many awards, such as the award for excellence in technology and innovation in 2019.The primary mission of Ghana post tracking is to provide different things such as efficient, safe, reliable, authentic, secure communication to their customer locally and globally.

In 2024, you can track the current progress of your parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

Ghana Post Tracking International

Not even this, they also provide their customer finance service for customers’ profit. The core value of Ghana post tracking is to provide excellence in every domain. They all work as a great team. The main objective of Ghana post tracking is to expand its couriers nationally and internationally. There also objective is to improve mail security as well.

According to the World Bank ratio, 2 million Ghanaian people are born in and living abroad, and they all live in approximately 34 countries worldwide. Italy, the UK, Nigeria, etc. Through the Ghana Post-service, you can transfer your money also. You can transfer money to 160 countries.

Ghana post tracking gives 24 hours delivery. You track your package easily from our website. You have to click on “Track an Item” there. Then, you have to click on track local or foreign bound items. After clicking on it, you can see that you can easily track your shipment. You have to enter the tracking number or say HAWB on the search bar.

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Ghana Post Tracking Parcel

You can track it easily anytime, anywhere. You track your local shipment instead. You can track your international shipment. Also, you have to fill that captcha correctly in the box. Then you have to enter the tracking number. The format of the tracking number is as given below:
PJ12345668US or AY56781267MA etc.

There is 12 digits format available in Ghana tracking. In the start, two alphabets are added, and in the middle, numeric are added, which are of 8 digits, and in the end, again, two alphabets are included. You have to keep in your mind that UPU didn’t give access to their customer to track your shipment through phone numbers. You can also calculate the parcel price online.

First, you have to choose an item type such as Parcel EMC. After that, you have to choose the area where you will send the parcel like you are sending it to only the Ghana area or foreign. After that, you also have to choose the origin and destination of the parcel.

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Ghana Post Tracking System

As we know, the far the destination, the far the delivery takes time, and then you have to enter the weight, but the weight will be in Kg. You can also check out the location of our post offices quickly from our website. There are also jobs offers are available for our customers. We respect our customers, own our customers, trust our customers, and provide our customers the opportunity to earn for their families to help the customers.

If you face any sort of issue regarding the shipment or returning the parcel or if your parcel was damaged, you can quickly contact us by emailing us, contacting us, or coming to our nearest office. You can easily download our app from the google play store. You can also see the latest news on our website about our company. The blogs are added to our website. You can contact us quickly, you can suggest us, you can complain to us regarding any issue or problem to help customers.

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Ghana Post Office Tracking

Customer Service

+233 (0)302 668 138
+233 (0)579 579 100

Email: [email protected]
+233 542 527 004 

Request A Home Mailbox



Make Reports Here

For complaints, please

email us

[email protected]

Ghana Post Head Office

Address: G. P. O., Asafoatse Nettey Road, Accra Central, Ghana


Phone: +233 (0)302 668 138


How do I track my Ghana Post?
You can easily track your shipment through our website. You just have to enter the consignment number, shipment number, tracking number, guide number, HAWB in the search bar. After that, you will see the result. You can track it anytime, anywhere easily.

How much does it cost to post a letter in Ghana?
Ghana Post Tracking costs different for posting a letter, e.g., if the weight is not over (ozs) 1, the letter post rate will be 0.84, etc. But the weight limit for post letters is 64 ounces (4 lbs.).

What Does a Post tracking number look like?
The post tracking format or number likes of 12 digits. At the start, two alphabets are written. In the middle, nine digits are added, and in the last again, two alphabets are written, e.g., ES23451234YU. The start and end letters are always capitalized.

Can I track my post without a tracking number?
No, there is no anyway or option available to track your shipment without tracking. Still, you can tell them to turn on the notification alert so that you know where your order is reached right now, or you may enter your email id through that we can send you tracking information there.

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