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The organization serves as an advisor, mediator, and liaison when providing technical support as needed. In addition, it establishes regulations for international postal exchanges and gives recommendations to boost mail, package, banking, and finance volumes while also improving the customer service quality.

In 2023, you can track the current progress of your Universal Postal Union Tracking parcel or shipment by just entering the tracking number in the couriertrackingfinder website box and the parcel’s status will appear in seconds.

The UPU’s technical and operational brain, the Postal Operations Council (POC), is made up of 40 member nations who are elected each Congress. The International Bureau is a non-profit organization that works.
The International Bureau serves as a secretariat for the UPU’s bodies, providing logistical and technical assistance.

International mail and parcels must be processed and delivered securely and on schedule. Customers may rely on Posts’ low-cost, dependable service to distribute their items, but they must also assist them.
Posts are capable of delivering a wide range of items. However, several harmful and illegal things cannot be sent over the international mail system.

Dangerous items can hurt individuals, including clients, postal, customs, and airline employees, and cause property damage. Hazardous products and jewels, obscene materials, counterfeit materials, and other items that some nations do not accept on their soil are among the prohibited items.

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Customers should always verify the restrictions before mailing a box or product. Safe-mail will avoid injury or risk to individuals, but it will also be handled more effectively and sent more rapidly. The UPU has been encouraging young writers aged 8 to 16 to send letters on a specified subject to win attractive prizes since 1973.

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The competition is a fantastic method to raise awareness of the critical role that postal services play in our society among young people. It improves their writing abilities and their capacity to express themselves clearly. It also encourages letter writing fun and contributes to strengthening international friendship relationships.

The International Bureau, the UPU’s secretariat, selects a topic each year and publicizes it. Participating nations then use the Post to arrange the competition on a national level, frequently with the help of education officials and the media.

All submissions must be sent using the national postal service. In the discussion, each country selects a national champion and submits them to the UPU worldwide competition by the 6th of May. Then, the letters are judged by an international panel assembled by the International Bureau, which picks the overall winners and applicants who deserve particular attention.

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The Universal Postal Union hosts a World CEO Forum every year for postal CEOs to explore possibilities that the sector can use to establish a solid and thriving Post for the future. This is an invitation-only CEO event where attendees may openly debate the Post’s position in the business world. The emphasis will be on critical trends, best practices, and successful small business models that Posts might implement to grasp market possibilities.

Every year on October 8, World Post Day is commemorated. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was founded in 1875, and the event was recognized by the Universal Postal Conference in Tokyo in 1967 to commemorate the occasion.

The goal of World Post Day is to raise awareness of the Post’s role in people’s and companies’ daily lives and its influence on global development and prosperity. As a result, member nations of the UPU are urged to have their national celebrations, ranging from launching local postal products and services to holding information sessions at post offices, mail centres, and postal museums.

Quality addressing and postal systems are necessary for a country’s national infrastructure and socio-economic growth. They are also the foundation of high-quality postal services, which facilitate commercial interaction and contribute to a country’s economic development.

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The UPU strives to be the significant worldwide focus for postal designations globally, for member nations, and domestic and multilateral partners through its addressing operations. In addition, the UPU’s addressing operations continue to build synergies between national, regional, and worldwide partners to identify standard solutions to the issues connected with addressing through the global programmer.

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Technical collaboration is an essential instrument in attaining UPU’s strategic goals. It aids in reducing the “postal gap” between developed and developing nations and the transmission of knowledge. The (DCDEV) of the United Nations Population Fund (UPU) supervises and implements technical cooperation and participates in the creation and development of Union policies.

As the online economy grows, modernization and technology trends of postal services are becoming a key strategy. To modernize, diversify, and alter services to client demand, postal operators worldwide are introducing new technology.

The UPU acknowledges that the postal sector’s safety and security as a component of the production chain are essential to facilitating global trade and communication. The UPU created the Postal Security Group to aid in forming and maintaining security guidelines and principles among Posts.

The Group, made up of security professionals, is tasked with developing global and regional security plans to support the world’s Posts in their security tasks, guided by the slogan “Postal Security Makes Business Sense.”
The PSG works to protect Posts’ personnel, customers, and assets and protect mail from fraud, theft, and abuse through training efforts, consultancy missions, and preventative programmers.

In November 2018, the Japanese Government of Internal Communications sponsored an initiative to examine, synthesize, and encourage postal social services. The project’s goals are to enhance awareness of social issues services that Posts currently provide and promote future innovation and use of postal networks to achieve social goals.

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Tel : +41 31 350 3595

UPU Location: International Bureau, Weltpoststrasse 4, 3015 BERNE, SWITZERLAND

UPU Email Address: [email protected]

UPU Contact Email: [email protected]

UPU Phone Number: +41 31 350 37 11


What is universal tracking and how would it work?
The capacity to follow package and item shipments worldwide is known as global tracking. As a result, 3rd, trustworthy shipment tracking technologies have emerged on the market.

Is it possible to trace letters sent internationally?
The USPS provides several degrees of package tracking for overseas parcels depending on the postal class. In addition, the Track & Confirm function provides delivery status information for Universal Express Assurance and Prioritized Mail Express International.

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