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Hermes world is a private courier company. It was establish in 1971 almost it comes become 51 years of experience. Headquarter of Hermes world tracking is located in United Kingdom but it give services to many countries such as Italy, Australia, Russia, Germany etc.

Moreover the name of the CEO of Hermes world tracking is Martini De Lange. Hermes World main focus is on delivering the parcel from one city to another city or from one country to another country. Hermes world tracking had won many awards as the excellence in transport was being awarded to Hermes world tracking in the year 0f 2016.

Hermes Verfolgung

Another award has also been given to the customer which is the most operation such as large parcel delivery was also bene awarded to Hermes world tracking in 2018. Apart from this, in 2019 we deliver almost 39.5 million parcel whereas in a single month we delivered 1.9 million parcels which generated too much revenue for our company.

You can also track and trace out your shipment through couriertrackingfinder website the tracking number will be uploaded in our website after finalizing your order and on website it will take only 3 hours after 3 hours you can easily check out you order shipment details. The 11 to 20 digits of the tracking number will be provided to you through that you can easily find out the live location of your parcel. Moreover you can also track national and international both shipments.

Hermes Versand Tracking

Hermes offer different packages to their customer such as the first one is Hermes package in which the dimension such as height, length, width of the parcel will be 0cm to 38cm whereas the maximum weight will be 25Kg and it costs only euro 4.30.

In the second package such as S package which we can infer small packages so their dimension will be in between the 0cm to 50cm and same will be the weight restriction but it costs 4.95 euro. Thirdly it offers M package in which we deliver the medium size parcels and in this package you can deliver the parcel whose dimension will be 50 to 80 cm and the weight restriction will be the same as the above two like 25kg but it costs 6.00 euro.

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Furthermore we have further more parcel package such as large package, XL package and XXL package they all three packages contain 80 to 120cm (25kg) and it costs 11 euro, 120 to 150cm (32kg) and it costs 29 euro and lastly 150 to 200cm (32kg) it costs 34 euro respectively. Hermes deliver almost 16000 parcel within a day.

Hermes World Customer Care Service Contact Number

Corporate Office Address:

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd

Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close

Morley, Leeds LS27 0WH

United Kingdom


Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am – 2:00pm

Customer Service:

+44 330 808 5456



How do I track my Hermes International Order?

You can track your Hermes international order just by entering 11 to 20 digits which were given to you by our company in the receipt you just have to enter that on our website after that a new tabs opened in which the whole result can be seen.

What is Hermes world?

Hermes world is one of the largest courier company which offers parcel delivery services to their customers and it offers different packages to their customer such as S package, L package Hermes package etc.

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