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Doug Pielsticker Arrow Trucking: The Rise and Fall of a Transportation Giant

Doug Pielsticker founded Arrow Trucking in 1946, and under his leadership, the company became a major player in the transportation industry. Arrow Trucking provided truckload and logistics services to clients throughout North America, and by the early 2000s, it had a fleet of over 2,000 trucks and generated over $600 million in revenue each year.

However, the success of Arrow Trucking was short-lived. In December 2009, the company abruptly shut down, leaving thousands of employees and truck drivers without paychecks and stranded across the country. The sudden collapse of Arrow Trucking was a shock to the transportation industry and raised many questions about what led to the downfall of such a prominent company.

What Went Wrong at Arrow Trucking?

The collapse of Arrow Trucking was the result of a combination of factors. One of the main issues was the company’s debt. Arrow Trucking had borrowed heavily to finance its growth, and when the recession hit in 2008, the company’s revenue declined, making it difficult to service its debt.

Another contributing factor was the company’s management. Doug Pielsticker had retired in 2006 and handed over control of the company to his sons, Douglas and Patrick. However, the younger Pielstickers lacked their father’s experience and business acumen, and they struggled to adapt to the changing transportation industry.

Arrow Trucking also faced intense competition from other transportation companies. The industry was undergoing significant consolidation, and many smaller players were merging or going out of business. Arrow Trucking found it difficult to compete with larger, more established companies, and it struggled to maintain its market share.

The Impact of Arrow Trucking’s Collapse

The collapse of Arrow Trucking had far-reaching consequences for the transportation industry. Thousands of employees and truck drivers were left without paychecks, and many were stranded across the country with no way to get home. The closure of Arrow Trucking also disrupted the supply chains of many companies that relied on the company’s services, causing delays and disruptions in the transportation of goods.

The collapse of Arrow Trucking also highlighted the need for greater regulation in the transportation industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had received numerous complaints about Arrow Trucking’s safety record and financial stability in the years leading up to the company’s collapse. However, the agency lacked the authority to intervene until it was too late.


The rise and fall of Arrow Trucking is a cautionary tale about the dangers of debt, poor management, and intense competition in the transportation industry. The collapse of the company had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of employees and truck drivers, and it highlighted the need for greater regulation and oversight in the industry. While the legacy of Arrow Trucking may be one of failure, it serves as a reminder of the importance of sound business practices and responsible leadership in any industry.

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