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Enter the Double O Trucking Number /AWB number/air waybill number/docket no / reference number/PRO No / B.O.L. No in the automatic tracker box to check the real-time delivery status of your worldwide parcel, orders, COD consignments, container, freight, transport, transportation, shipping, vans, trucks, express cargo and shipments online. You can also check and trace the current status of courier location and delivery date or any delay info by calling the customer service center.

Double O Trucking Customer Care Service Contact Number

Phone:  612-790-5271

Email: N/A

Double O Trucking: A Reliable Partner for Your Shipping Needs

If you’re looking for a reliable trucking company to handle your shipping needs, then Double O Trucking is definitely worth considering. With their years of experience in the industry, they have established a reputation as a dependable partner for businesses of all sizes.

Who is Double O Trucking?

Double O Trucking is a family-owned trucking company that has been in operation for over 40 years. The company is based in Texas and serves clients throughout the state and beyond. They specialize in hauling all types of cargo, including hazardous materials, refrigerated goods, and oversized loads.

Why Choose Double O Trucking?

There are many reasons why Double O Trucking is a top choice for businesses that require shipping services. Here are just a few of the advantages that they offer:

  1. Experience: With over four decades of experience in the industry, Double O Trucking has honed their expertise in all aspects of shipping. Their team of professionals is well-versed in the regulations and requirements of the industry, ensuring that your shipments are handled with the utmost care and efficiency.
  2. Flexibility: Double O Trucking understands that every business has unique shipping needs, which is why they offer a wide range of services to meet those needs. Whether you need expedited shipping, specialized handling for fragile or hazardous items, or warehousing and distribution services, they can tailor their offerings to fit your requirements.
  3. Technology: Double O Trucking uses the latest technology to ensure that your shipments are tracked and managed efficiently. They utilize GPS tracking systems, electronic logging devices, and other advanced tools to ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time and in excellent condition.
  4. Safety: Double O Trucking prioritizes safety above all else. They maintain a strict maintenance schedule for their trucks and employ experienced, well-trained drivers who adhere to all safety regulations. Their commitment to safety means that you can trust them to transport your goods without incident.
  5. Customer service: At Double O Trucking, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Their team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals is available to answer your questions and provide updates on your shipments at any time. They also offer 24/7 emergency support, so you can rest assured that your shipments are in good hands.


Double O Trucking is a well-established and reliable trucking company that can handle all of your shipping needs. With their years of experience, commitment to safety, and dedication to customer service, they are a top choice for businesses that require dependable and efficient shipping services. Whether you need expedited shipping, specialized handling, or warehousing and distribution services, Double O Trucking has the expertise and resources to get the job done right.

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