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Costco is a public company and also a retailer company. It was founded in 1980. The founder name of Costco is Sinegal and Brotman. Headquarter of Costco is located in Washington. Costco is located in almost 900 places ad it serves indifferent countries such as United kingdom, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia etc.

It also started serving in New Zeeland and japan in 2022. The revenue generated for Costco is almost 177.76 billion in 2022 in which the operating income is 7.984 billion and net income was US 46.98 billion whereas if we talk about the total asses then that will be US 50 billion.

Apart from this, if we talk about the total number employs which are working under Costco will be 280,000 in 2020. Basically, Costco is a whole sale corporation. It is the 5th largest retailer company in all over the world. Basically, it is a retailer company of organic food, mutton, beef, chicken etc.  Costco is risk free company.

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Costco Order Tracking Canada

If you want to return your shipment or parcel you can return it within 90 days and keep the receipt with yourself within receipt it’s not allowed to change or repair or exchange your parcel you can exchange, return and change the things which are more than 15 cubic meter such as heaters , fridge etc.

Apart from this, you can also change your password in Costco business because if you have any doubt on somebody change it as soon as possible, Within 30 days you have to take action regarding to your shipment after 30 days mostly the prices gets changes as the sale will be started so after that what will be the price you have to exchange things in that price as well.

Costco Online Order Tracking

We deliver the parcel within 4-8 working days. You can also cancel your order through Costco. Costco also give an option to their customer to give delivery of the parcel on same day.

You can also adjust the price of the parcel through your own self. Different countries offer different types of weight such as in economy class the weight limit will be 8kg whereas in business class the weight limit will be 13kg.

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Costco Order Received

You can also pay the money through different option such as PayPal, credit card, American express etc.  You can also find out the ware house and offices location through our website. You just have to enter the location first that where the office you are searching. You can also visit us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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How do I track my Costco order?

You can track your parcel easily. You just have to enter the tracking number and after that the new tab begins through which you can easily see the live location of your parcel.

How do I know when my Costco order is ready?

Once you had added the product in the cart and added the address such as zip code etc. after that you finalize it and through this process infer that your order is ready to deliver.

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