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Canada post was established in 1890. Canada post tracking is a postal service. Apart from this its name before Canada post was royal mail Canada. Headquarter of Canada post tracking is located in Ottawa. The name of the CEO of candy post tracking is Etttinger.

The revenues generated for this company is 9 billion whereas the total employees in all offices of Canada post tracking were 72,000. Moreover, it serves almost 18 million people and they delivered 9 million item in 2017 whereas the revenue generated in 2018 was $8.99 billion.

Canada Post Parcel Tracking

Canada post tracking also gives door to door service in which 30,000 are the letter carrier and 15,000 vehicles are available. Canada post tracking is one of largest and biggest post Courier Company. In the whole world, it had 6500 offices. On the other hand, in 2005 Canada’s customers had received 900,000 delivery services.

Canada post tracking also made a strong bounding with different companies such as those are called as Canada post group. Moreover, there are different employees such as full day and part time. In part-time the employ have to work for only 8 hours and after 8 hours the shift will be changed.

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Canada Post International Tracking

It offers “transaction mail” it allows you to deliver letter or you can mail the letter. The letter is maybe any document which is then closed in an envelope and stamp is also added in the envelope. Furthermore, in 206-2018 the rates were different such as 86 cents or you may say that 30g or less than 30g whereas if you parcel weight is between 30g to 50g then the price will be $1.30. But later on, in the year of 2019, the 90 cents is equal to $1.40. Basically, in Canada the prices changes in the middle of the January.

Canada Post Registered Mail Tracking

Apart from this there are also further four parcel categories such as regular parcel, expedited parcels, express post and priority. In regular parcel, it takes 2 to 10 working days in delivery the parcels as it depends of the destination second category is expedited parcel this category is available for only business customer and it is delivered from 1 to 9 working days.

Thirdly, we have express post it takes only ½ days in main cities whereas in far cities it will take 6 worked days. And the last one is priority category it will be the choice of the customers as he or she want to delivery same day delivery or next day delivery.

Furthermore, international we have small packet in which the weight is in between 1kg to 2kg only secondly in expedited parcel the weight restriction is between 30kg whereas the third express post is between 20kg to 30kg.

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Canada Post Customer Care Service Contact

Canada Post Tracking Phone Number

Package and Post Office Support – 1-866-607-6301
Snap Admail Support – 1-844-332-6998

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How can I track my Canada post shipment?

You can track your parcel easily from couriertrackingfinder website. You just have to enter the order number, tracking number or consignment number on our website after entering that you can see the live location of your parcel. Date, time, arrival, departure all are mentioned on the live location.

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